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Wurlitzer is a Discord bot for making charts and grabbing now playing data from your Last.fm account. Simply put, it's a little buddy that shows your Discord friends what you listen to. Click the button below to invite it to your server and become another one of Wurlitzer's pals.

Using Wurlitzer

Wurlitzer was designed to be simple to interface with to get your music data in your server as quickly as possible. All of Wurlitzer's commands start with mentioning the bot, like the example below for linking your Last.fm account.

@wurlitzer link {last.fm username}

Once you've linked an account, just mention the bot to get a little now playing card!


Wurlitzer also allows you to create 3x3 charts of albums, tracks, or artists. To create a simple chart for your top albums of the week, use the following command.

@wurlitzer chart

This posts a chart like the one below in the channel that you entered the command on, allowing all of your friends to see that you binged Songs for the Deaf for the week!

Chart also accepts parameters for the time period to generate a chart for, the type of chart that should be generated, as well as the size of the chart that you want to generate. Below is an example of the different acceptable parameters for chart.

@wurlitzer chart {all|week|month|year} {track|album|artist} {size}x{size}

Chart sizes can go from 1 to 10. They also must be uniform, so you cannot do 3x2 or something of that nature.

That's about it for the commands of Wurlitzer. Keep checking back to see if it's learned something new!